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Things we enjoy doing

We love helping people and enjoy doing "techie" things. It keeps our lives exciting!


Live or On-Demand events,

we can provide a solution that works for you.

Technical Direction

Planning the latest multi-room, multi-day conference?

That's our specialty.

Audiovisual hire

We have a range of gadgets, thingos and whatsits to get

the job done.

Video Production

Live camera to screen or a good way to keep a record

of your event.

Interactive Webcasting

Webcasting! It's the bomb right? Everyone is doing it!

             Well, yes there is a move to making events available online but have you thought about what you

want to get out of it?   The internet is a great way to get your message out there

but it takes a bit of planning to make it work for you. Your first thought should be what do I want out of this?

*   Do you just want it as an archive resource?

*   Do you want it available to anyone who comes looking?

*   Video only, or will there be slides or other support material?

*   How will your viewers find what they need?

Look! We did this

These are some of the people we love working with

Which OneVisioneer is that?

 onevision started as all good AV companies do......in the spare room.

Who are we?

The folk we work with say that we are bunch of super friendly nice guys who do a great job.

We like that :-)




Frank started doing his own thing in the early 90's with just a few loyal clients,

many who are still with us today. He managed to juggle family life and

travel with a growing client base until finally in 2005 Huw and Peter joined the company.


Together we have grown and diversified from just Audiovisual hire

to a company that can be your one-stop-shop for your conference needs.

(02) 6281 1113


PO Box 3511, Weston Creek, ACT 2611

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We have here a selection of documents that might be handy to have.

If you're going to record a presenter it's a good idea to let them know beforehand.

Use this form to get written permission.  Just tweak it to suit your event.


Dimensions for the two standard sized Lectrum lecterns that most venues use. Standard and Aero. From the Lectrum website.

Instruction sheet on setting up your PowerPoint presentation to suit widescreen projection. For Mac and PC

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